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亚博取款出款速度:The US tech industry has failed to appreciate the mounting global concern over its record on online privacy and security and must act fast to prevent deeper damage to its image, Silicon Valley’s top executives and investors have conceded.美国硅谷的高管和投资者们否认,美国高科技行业没意识到其网络隐私及安全性记录于是以大大引发全球忧虑,必需很快采取行动,防止行业形象受到更大伤害。The self-criticism, much of it aimed at consumer internet groups Google and Facebook, comes as some of the sector’s best-known names have been battered by a backlash over revelations of widespread US internet surveillance and concerns about their cultural dominance.这些评估大部分针对消费者互联网巨头谷歌(Google)和Facebook。美国大规模互联网监控不道德的揭发,以及对其文化优势的忧虑引发了人们的反感赞成,令其该行业部分知名人士备受批评。Peter Thiel, a start-up investor and Facebook director, said: “Silicon Valley is quite oblivious to the degree to which this crescendo of concern is building up in Europe. It’s an extremely important thing and Silicon Valley is underestimating it badly.”Facebook董事、风险资本家皮特泰尔(Peter Thiel)说道:“硅谷没察觉到欧洲大大激化的忧虑情绪。

它十分最重要,而硅谷却相当严重高估了它。”Google has been亚博取现出款秒到账 most in the line of fire, with the European Commission turning up the heat in a competition case last week and a recent “right to be forgotten” legal ruling forcing it to remove some links from its European search services.谷歌仍然正处于风口浪尖,欧盟委员会(European Commission)上周在一起反垄断案中增大了对谷歌的压力,以及近期在一项“被消逝权”判决中被迫谷歌移除欧洲搜寻服务的部分链接。

“I was surprised it turned this quickly,” Eric Schmidt, chairman of Google, said of the change in the political mood over US tech. However, he denied that Silicon Valley had failed to anticipate the concerns. “It’s easy to blame the tech companies for being insufficiently sensitive – we are way sensitive, trust me.”谷歌董事长埃里克施密特(Eric Schmidt)在谈及环绕美国科技产业的政治情绪的变化时说:“我很吃惊不会显得这么慢。”不过他坚称硅谷没能预见这些担忧。

“人们很更容易谴责科技公司过于脆弱——我们是非常脆弱的,坚信我。”Mr Thiel conceded that Facebook had work to do on its approach to Europe: “We certainly don’t think there’s a one-size-fits-all. Facebook would like to be more sensitive to more local concerns.”泰尔否认Facebook在欧洲的作法尚待改良:“我们当然不指出不存在限于于所有情况的策略。Facebook期望能对当地的担忧更为脆弱。

”Marc Benioff, chief executive of Salesforce.com, one of the biggest sellers of internet-based services to businesses, said consumer internet companies had “paid a terrible price” for imposing a US-centric view of their technology.Salesforce.com首席执行官马克班尼奥夫(Marc Benioff)回应,消费者互联网公司用自己的技术强推“美国中心”观念,早已为此“代价了悲惨代价”。Salesforce.com是一家大型的基于互联网的企业服务公司。


Jim Breyer, an early investor and former board member of Facebook, said the US government and tech companies had to “step up significantly if they want to regain the world’s trust”.Facebook早期投资者和前董事会成员吉姆布雷耶(Jim Breyer)回应,美国政府及高科技公司被迫“大大减缓行动,如果他们还想要重拾全世界的信任”。The backlash over privacy and security has started to ripple more widely through Silicon Valley, where young companies have raced to launch new technologies without making these issues an overriding priority.环绕隐私和安全性方面产生的反感杯葛情绪已开始在硅谷产生普遍影响。仍然以来,硅谷的年长公司争相发售新技术,没有将隐私和安全性当作重中之重。


The tensions have exposed rifts inside the industry. While companies such as Facebook and Google claim to have seen little damage to their business, those selling cloud services are expected to lose $22bn-$45bn over the next three years as a result of the Snowden backlash, according to the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation.这一紧张局势已曝露了科技行业内的裂痕。虽然Facebook和谷歌等公司声称其业务没有受到过于大影响,但根据信息技术创意基金会(Information Technology and Innovation Foundation)的数据,在斯诺登事件影响下,云服务销售商未来3年预计将损失220美元到450亿美元。

“Some in our industry have underestimated the degree to which people care about privacy,” said Brad Smith, general counsel of Microsoft, which is trying to refocus its business on cloud services. “I’m not sure across Silicon Valley people have completely woken up to this.”微软公司(Microsoft)法律总顾问布拉德史密斯(Brad Smith)回应:“我们行业的一些人高估了人们对隐私的在乎程度。我不告诉硅谷的人否都精神状态地注意到了这一点。


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